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Transform how you select and manage your talent.

Talexes Workforce Assessments bring insight and precision to every stage of the employee lifecycle.

With over 100 years of experience in the assessment field and an assessment suite based on 40 years of research development.

We’ll help you build a workforce that exceeds expectations.

Attract and select the best candidates.

Onboard and develop employees.

Engage and retain your talent.

Grow high potentials into leaders.


Measure cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and professional interests among upper-level professional talent. TalassureMX helps you improve job fit across your organization, which ultimately increases productivity and retention.


The first ever job match assessment for your mid-level workforce, TalassureM measures behavioral characteristics and reasoning skills to help you place the right people in the right positions.


Now you can identify the most promising entry-level hires. TalassureQ measures personality, cognitive abilities, and character. You’ll know right away whether a candidate can do – and will do – a specific job.

Our Assessments are proven.  Request a free demo.

Hiring made easy 

We help you choose the right candidate 

Make better decisions 

Assessing your candidates helps you choose the right person for the job 

Data to determine fit

Easy-to-understand scores and descriptions that explain why a candidate is a high, medium or low fit for the job.

Look beyond experience.

All reports are written with hiring managers in mind. Straightforward language and graphs illustrate key candidate qualities. Get to know your candidates before you hire them.

Job fit scores show you where candidates hit or miss job targets. Quickly assess risk and see how mismatches could potentially impact job performance.

Interview guide help you confidently assess candidate job fit. Questions are tailored to each candidate and help you elicit candid answers.

"Marcel Ausborn from Solutions in HR have professionals who have many years’ combined industry experience, ranging from HR management, recruiting management, and career coaching to corporate recruiting, small business start-ups, and college instruction"

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