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The Hiring Process

The hiring process should have three parts. You can think of these parts as the past, the present and the future. The past is the candidate’s history – resume, work experience, education and so on.  Past experience, by the way, is NOT an indicator of future success.  There are too many variables from one organization…
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Pitfalls of Hiring “Wrong”

Hiring decisions are of the most important decisions a leader has to make, and they are often challenging and laborious work. Here are some of the costs of hiring the wrong employees: Cost of the hire, including advertising, interviewing, screening, etc. Cost of onboarding, including training, uniforms, equipment and management time. Lost productivity—it may take…
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Learn to hire for fit… post Covid-19.

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Secrets to successful salary negotiations

Please heed these three secrets of salary negotiation. Remember that knowledge=power! The following is vital information for you to have, to practice and to use:   Ideally you should only enter into negotiation once you have had a formal job offer and the employer is convinced of your worth. Your power to negotiate is much greater when…
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How best to answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’?

Imagine, you enter the interview room, the interviewer is sitting right in front of you and asks you to have your seat, and then before you can feel comfortable he throws the most scary question at you Tell me about yourself? Here’s how to crush it: Talking about yourself should be easy, right? Who knows…
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Are you looking to hire in the next 30 days?

Free Phone Consultation. Let us provide you with a free, no obligation consultation and learn how Solutions in HR can help your business hire using our Assessment Product. Over 30 years of Recruiting & staffing support.  We not only give recommendations, we also tell you why they are recommended. The consultation is for informational purposes, and…
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